Cross the Bridge of the Gods for a town-to-town tour

The best local view of the Columbia River Gorge might just be the one you get crossing the Bridge of the Gods — and that’s not the only reason to take a trip across the river.

This 6-mile ride follows a mix of bike lanes, bike paths, and shared roadways to the charming town of Stevenson, Washington, where you’ll find waterfront parks, sweet treats and tacos, local beer and cider, and a delightful farmer’s market on Saturdays in the summer.

The only hard part will be deciding where to stop for the inevitable mid-afternoon ice cream: Scoopy’s Social Club or The Cabin Drive-Thru in Stevenson or Eastwind Drive-In in Cascade Locks. (The good news: You can’t really go wrong.)

Distance: 12 miles roundtrip from our rental shop in Cascade Locks to downtown Stevenson and back.

Traffic: Moderate. You’ll have to share the road with cars coming into Stevenson, and it can get quite busy during the summer months.

Public Restrooms? Yes, at Bob’s Beach Family Park and Teo Park in Stevenson and Overlook Park in Cascade Locks.

Why we love this ride

Feel the thrill of crossing the Bridge of the Gods. Unlike cars, bikes don’t have to pay a toll to cross the bridge, so you’re free to enjoy the wind in your face and the views all around you. Just don’t look down if you have a fear of heights, as the bridge deck is grated and you’ll be able to see rushing water beneath you.

Combine nature and civilization. You don’t have to choose between sightseeing in the Gorge and shop-hopping through an historic small town, as this ride delivers both. After crossing the Bridge of the Gods, you’ll turn onto a quiet, forested backroad before rolling into Stevenson, where you can park your bike and explore the restaurants, museums, bookshops and waterfront by foot.

Build your itinerary around food and drinks. One of the best perks of riding e-bikes is that you can gorge yourself at lunch without regretting it on the return ride later. Just be sure to drink responsibly, as it’s illegal to a ride a bike under the influence of alcohol, just like with cars.

What you can see and do

Stevenson Farmer’s Market. This waterfront market featuring local food, produce, flowers, art, and music is open on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm, starting June 12.

Bob’s Beach Family Park. Bob’s Beach is the go-to spot in Stevenson for kayakers, windsurfers, picnic-ers and sunshine loungers.

North Bank Books. For the bookworms in your group, North Bank Books is a delightful little shop full of reading material on local history, culture, birds, mushrooms, mythology, and more.

Skamania Lodge. The gift shop at Skamania Lodge is worth a quick detour — and you can scope out your next Gorge adventure while you’re there.

Breweries. The Gorge is full of great brewery options, and this ride will take you past three of them: Thunder Island Brewing and Gorges Beer in Cascade Locks and Walking Man Brewing in Stevenson.

What type of rental you’ll need

It depends on how much time you want to spend exploring Stevenson and the rest of the Gorge:

  • A two-hour rental will give you time to ride to Stevenson, check out the waterfront and do some quick window-shopping.
  • A half-day rental will give you time to stop for lunch and spend an hour or two shopping in town or relaxing on the waterfront.
  • A full-day rental will give you time to do more exploring in town, as well as the flexibility to add on a ride to Viento State Park or the Eagle Creek trailhead.

See our Ride Guide for more details and follow these directions from our rental location.

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